To get you started, Edgar provides several default categories that you can use organize your content library.  

These categories are based on the basic social media strategy that we use at Edgar for our own social media marketing. They are a great place to start and then build upon with your own custom categories. 

Learn more about Edgar's social strategy here: Strategic Social Planning. And see how to use each of the default categories below.

The General Category

General is a catch all sort of category.  If you're not sure where you should put a post, stick it in General.  This can include content from various websites that you follow and want to share with your followers, a random website you came across while surfing, etc.

The General category is included in Random, which means content in this category will be used for Random time slots on your schedule.  This is Edgar's main default category and cannot be edited or deleted.


Have some hilarious memes? Want to share some great quotes with your followers?  This is where they go.  Fill up this category with posts to inspire your followers and just generally make their day better.  This category can be edited to change the name and exclude it from random, if you'd like.  Or if cat photos and arcane wisdom just aren't your thing, you can go ahead and delete it.

My Blog Posts

This one is pretty self explanatory!  Use this category to store all your blog posts or other content from your website.  You can even import your posts automatically with Edgar's Feeds so your Library is always up to date with your latest content.

Don't have a blog?  No worries!  This category can be edited or deleted.


Having a sale?  Want to promote your class or webinar?  Just wanna link people on Facebook to your Twitter account so they can follow you?  Use the Promotional category to store all your self promoting posts...don't worry, these aren't taboo.  How else would your followers find out that you're co-hosting an amazing Twitter Chat next Tuesday?

Promote away!  Just be sure to mix those promos in with a good assortment of other types of posts using Edgar's schedule to prevent promo fatigue.


Questions can be a great way to engage your followers in conversations.  Ask general life questions, ask about things related to your business or website, or just ask for feeback on whatever you're working on.  People love to give their opinions!  And boosting engagement with these types of posts can have a positive overall impact on your social following and growth.

Pro Tip:  If you ask a question, be sure to follow up with anyone who answers it!  Don't leave them hanging.  Social media automation is amazing, but don't let that stop you from actually interacting with your followers.  Getting a response directly from you can make a big difference!


Here's where you can offer your followers some good advice about your industry.  In our tips category, we have social media marketing tips...because that's what Edgar does!  What sort of tips can you offer to make your followers lives easier?  They followed you because they're interested in the topics you discuss.  What quick bites of expertise can you offer?


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