Edgar can publish to Facebook pages and groups where your personal profile is an administrator.  As long as you're an admin, Edgar can add it! Edgar does not publish to personal Facebook profiles.

To add a Facebook page or group to Edgar, follow the steps below! Need to refresh an account that is already connected to Edgar?  Go here: Refresh Social Accounts

Add a Facebook Account

  1. On Facebook, log into the personal Facebook profile that is an admin for your pages and groups
  2. On the Edgar Accounts page, click the Facebook Page/Group button.  Click OK on all of Facebook's permission prompts to give Edgar permission to manage your pages and groups.  Don't worry...he'll never post anything you didn't tell him to.
  3. Edgar will display a list of your pages and groups. Select the pages and groups you'd like to add to Edgar and click Connect Selected Pages & Groups at the bottom.
  4. If your Facebook group is not displaying in the list of available groups, the Edgar app has not been added to the group yet. This must be done manually by going to the group on Facebook the first time you connect your Facebook accounts. See how to add Edgar to a group here: Connecting Facebook Groups to Edgar. Once you've added the Edgar app to your group on Facebook, refresh your list of pages and groups in Edgar to add your group.
  5. You're done! Now you can associate these pages and groups with content in your Library or time slots on your Schedule. Happy posting! ✨


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