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Edgar uses @mentions to tag on X

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Update: Tagging @mentions no longer works

Unfortunately, X tagging no longer works and this is not an Edgar bug. As X has made changes to their API, we don't have any control over whether this feature works any longer.
So much is changing with X right now that I think there's still hope they will bring this functionality back, though! ๐Ÿ™

To tag another use on X, select your X account(s) on the Add New Content page. ย Do not select Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn accounts. @tags are specific to the network and will not work if posts are connected to multiple networks.

Type in the user's @name. As you type, Edgar will offer auto-complete suggestions for the tag. Select the user you'd like to tag from the list, make any additional edits to the content, and save it.

**Note that @tags are network specific. A X tag will not show up other networks. ย If a post is connected to other networks with an @tag in the text, the @tag will show up as plain text on those networks.

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