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Library Best Practices: How to fill your Library quickly and keep it organized
Library Best Practices: How to fill your Library quickly and keep it organized

Tips and tricks used by Edgar power users to make the most of Edgar's library

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Fill Your Library Fast with Edgar's Integrations

Edgar can use his 8 arms to grab content from the web for you!  Check out our most popular integrations: 

Feeds: Connect Your Blog, a YouTube Channel, Pinterest Pins and More

Import posts to Edgar from your brand’s YouTube, add a feed from your favorite Pinterest board, load your brand’s blog posts, and more. Learn how:


Zapier connects apps across the web, and helps Edgar import posts for you from various sources. 

Edgar's Bookmarklet and Extension

Edgar includes a great browser extension and bookmarklet that allows you to easily add posts while visiting any web page.

Bulk Import & Bulk Edit

Your Edgar library includes special features that make it easy to add a lot of posts in one quick action or make changes to multiple posts at once.

Create Multiple Variations for Your Posts

Edgar's Variations feature lets you quickly create multiple versions of the same post.  Create as many as you'd like to make sure you have a deep and varied library for Edgar to publish.  Learn more: Variations.

Review Your Library

A regular audit of your library can help your social posting stay fresh and relevant to your followers. 

When auditing your library, look for broken links to remove, add new variations to old or expired posts, and delete any posts that just aren't evergreen or relevant anymore.

Here at Edgar, we audit our library quarterly.

Hold Posts for Later

Create a new category for holding posts that you're just not quite ready to publish or that need to be reviewed by another member of your team.

Head over to the Categories page and create a new category called Holding.  Be sure to uncheck the box that includes your holding category in random before you save it. Learn more: 


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