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Categories Quick Start: Jumpstart your Library with Edgar's default categories
Categories Quick Start: Jumpstart your Library with Edgar's default categories

What's the General Category? Why do I have these default categories?

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To get you started, Edgar provides several default categories to help organize your post library.  

These categories are based on the basic social media strategy that we use at Edgar for our own social media marketing. They are a great place to start and then build upon with your own custom categories. 

Learn more about Edgar's social strategy here: Strategic Social Planning. And see how to use each of the default categories below.

The General Category

General is a catch-all sort of category.  If you're not sure where you should put a post, stick it in General.  This can include posts from a random website you came across while surfing, a meme or image you want to share that doesn't quite fit in another category, etc.

The General category is included in Random, which means content in this category will be used for Random time slots on your schedule.  This is Edgar's main default category and cannot be edited or deleted.

My Blog Posts

This one is pretty self explanatory!  Use this category to store all your blog posts or other content from your website.  You can even import your posts automatically with Edgar's Feeds so your Library is always up to date with your latest content.

Don't have a blog?  No worries!  This category can be edited or deleted.

Promotions & Specials

Having a sale?  Want to promote your class or webinar?  Just wanna link people on Facebook to your X account so they can follow you?  Use the Promotional category to store all your self promoting posts...don't worry, these aren't taboo.  How else would your followers find out that you're co-hosting an amazing X Chat next Tuesday?

Promote away!  Just be sure to mix those promos in with a good assortment of other types of posts using Edgar's schedule to prevent promo fatigue.

Recommended Reads

This category is for sharing other people's content.  And we highly recommend that you do this!

The best social strategies aren't just about sharing your content.  They're about publishing a mix of quality content from various sources so that your feeds stay fresh and provide value to your followers, which encourages them to engage more.

Use Recommended Reads to share posts from other leaders in your industry, educational resources on topics relevant to your business, and anything you think your followers would benefit from seeing.  This could be blog posts from industry blogs, podcasts, book recommendations, news, or anything else you'd like to share.

Still want more info? Check out our video here:


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