From making sure your social media feeds look as fresh as possible to adhering to different social networks’ changing rules, it’s more important than ever to share a variety of social updates for each piece of content you want to promote.

That’s where Edgar’s new variations feature comes in.

Now you can add a whole stack of variations on a single update right inside Edgar, so you’re always sharing that perfect balance of content automatically!

When you visit the Add Content page in Edgar, you can enter a single social media update just like before, but you can also use the new Add variation button to start adding more updates:

You can add as many variations as you want, then save them to your library all at once!

Edgar will bundle all those variations together like a stack of cards, then go from stack to stack when he’s choosing what to share next.

Because he automatically alternates between stacks, you don’t have to worry about your variations getting posted back to back – you’ll still have the perfect spread to keep things fresh!

You get to quickly and easily add more updates in less time, and Edgar keeps ’em nice and organized, so you can share the perfect spread of content, keep your feeds looking fresh, and stay totally compliant with every social network’s terms & conditions.

(And that just feels really, really good.)

Ready to try it out for yourself?

Hop on over to your Add Content page, and whip up a stack of variations of your own!

Got any questions about how it all works; learn more in our help center!

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