Connect and publish to your Facebook Groups!

Edgar has completed Facebook’s review process, so you can resume connecting and posting to your Groups.

There are some new steps you need to take to authenticate your Facebook Groups!

First, add MeetEdgar to your Group’s Apps.

If you haven't already, click the Facebook button on the Edgar Accounts page to add your personal Facebook profile to Edgar, setting the app visibility to public and clicking okay on all of the prompts that come up. Then: 

  1. Visit your Group in Facebook

  2. Under your header image, click on the button that says More and then in the dropdown, click on Edit Group Settings

  3. Once in your Group Settings, scroll down to Apps

  4. Click on Add Apps

  5. In the list that comes up, find and click on MeetEdgar

  6. On the screen that pops up, click Add then Done.

Repeat this for all Groups you would like to add to Edgar.

Then, refresh your Groups inside Edgar

  1. After you’ve added the MeetEdgar app to your Group, go back to your Edgar Accounts page

  2. At the bottom of this page, click Facebook Page/Group and select your group(s).

  3. Click the Add Selected button at the bottom when you're done.

Remember, Edgar can only add Groups where your Facebook Profile is listed as an Admin or Editor

If you have any questions please let us know! Happy posting!🐙

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