Edgar along with the Edgar for Instagram mobile app will help you publish your Instagram content.  Check it out below:

Download the Edgar for Instagram Mobile App

The first step is to download the MeetEdgar mobile app for your iOS device in the App Store or for your Android device in the Google Play Store.

When it's time to publish a post to Instagram, Edgar will send a push notification to your mobile device.  Open the MeetEdgar for Instagram mobile app to publish your post to Instagram.  

To add or edit existing content or make other changes to your Edgar account, please visit the web app (either on desktop or your mobile browser) at app.meetedgar.com.

Connect an Instagram Account

Go to the Accounts page in Edgar on your desktop or mobile browser to add your Instagram account.

For additional details on adding an Instagram account to Edgar, go here: Connecting Instagram Accounts to Edgar

Set Your Instagram Schedule

Now that you've connected your Instagram account(s), go to your Schedule page to add time slots for Instagram.

You can either edit your existing time slots to add your Instagram account(s) to them, or add new time slots for instagram.  It's totally up to you and when you prefer to publish to Instagram!

When it's time to publish a post, Edgar will send you a push notification on your mobile device using the MeetEdgar for Instagram mobile app.

Add Your Instagram Content

Add content to Edgar's Library for your Instagram account using the Add New Content button in your desktop or mobile browser.  

Content cannot be added to Edgar through the iOS or Android apps at this time.

Select your Instagram account at the left, choose your category, enter your caption text, and add your image file.  Content for Instagram must contain an image or video in order to be saved.

Images must be less than 3MB, and you can add up to 10 images for Instagram content.

Videos for Instagram must be less than 30MB and 60 seconds or less in length.

Click the eye icon at the top right of any variation to preview how your post will look on Instagram.  

You will choose the order of images when you publish the post to Instagram.  The image order in the preview is just an example.

As with all content, you can use the Advanced Settings section of the Add New Content page to set a post as Use Once or set an expiration date on the post.

You can also visit your Library to add your Instagram account to existing content.  Only posts that have images or videos that meet Instagram's guidelines can be connected to Instagram.

How to Publish Your Posts on Instagram

The Queue will show upcoming posts for Instagram.  When it's time for one to be published, Edgar will send you a push notification on your mobile device where you are logged into the MeetEdgar for Instagram mobile app.

Open the notification to open the MeetEdgar app where you'll be prompted to publish your post.  

Edgar will copy the post caption for you and send your image(s) or video to your photo library.  Then he'll open your Instagram app on your mobile device for you to publish the post.

For full details on publishing posts to Instagram, go here:  How to publish a post to Instagram.

Instagram Direct Posting

At this time, Edgar supports Instagram posting via reminder notifications. Direct publishing is not available through Edgar's app.

Direct posting to Instagram is only available for select Instagram partners at this time.  Edgar is not one of these partners just yet, but we are keeping a close eye on the program.

Have more questions about Instagram?  Ask them live in our Office Hours Session.  Register here to attend office hours any day!

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