The MeetEdgar mobile app will send you push notifications on your iOS or Android device when it's time to publish your Instagram posts. 

Download the MeetEdgar for Instagram iOS app from the App Store here:

Download the MeetEdgar for Instagram Android app from the Google Play Store here:

Publishing a post to Instagram

**Note: Push Notifications must be enabled for the MeetEdgar mobile app in order to receive post reminders.  See How to Enable Push Notifications for iOS or Android.

You've connected your Instagram account, set up your schedule, and added your Instagram content to your Edgar Library.  Now you've gotten a push notification on your mobile device that a post is ready to be published.  But how do you actually publish the post?  Follow these steps:

1. Swipe right on the push notification you received or open the MeetEdgar mobile app to view your post.  Then tap Open Instagram.

2. Confirm you're logged into your Instagram app under the correct account. To switch accounts, tap "See account you're logged into" first. Otherwise, tap "Yes, I'm sure" to continue.

3. Edgar will copy your caption text for you and save your image(s) to your photo library.  Then he'll take you over to the Instagram app.  

4. In Instagram, follow their steps to select your image(s) and apply filters.  Paste your caption text into the caption field and publish your post.

Missed a notification?  No worries!  Even if you can't respond to a notification right away, Edgar will display the 5 most recently missed notifications in the MeetEdgar mobile app for you. If you'd like to publish a post from a missed notification, open the MeetEdgar app and tap on the post you'd like to publish.

Multiple Images in Instagram Posts

If your Instagram post contains more than one image, select the multiple image option in Instagram first. Then select your additional images in the order you'd like them to appear in your post.

Once you've selected all of your images, tap Next at the top right to apply your filters.

Instagram Direct Posting

At this time, Edgar supports Instagram posting via reminder notifications. Direct publishing is not available through Edgar's app.

Direct posting to Instagram is only available for select Instagram partners at this time.  Edgar is not one of these partners just yet, but we are watching the program closely.

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