How do I get started?

Download the MeetEdgar for Instagram app onto your iOS mobile device and connect your Instagram account to Edgar!

How does Instagram posting work through Edgar?

Connect your Instagram account to Edgar.  Both Business Profiles and Personal Profiles are supported.

Then download Edgar's iOS mobile app for Instagram.

Edgar will send push notifications to your connected iOS device when it’s time to publish your posts to Instagram.

Find out more about how Edgar's Instagram Integration works here: Edgar & Instagram

How do Instagram reminders work?

When it's time for your Instagram posts to be published, Edgar will send a push notification to your mobile device. When you open the app, he'll walk you through the two quick steps to publish your post to Instagram. 

Can Edgar post directly to Instagram?

The addition of iOS reminders for Instagram posting is an exciting first step in adding new publishing capabilities to Edgar. We've applied to Facebook to become an Instagram direct publishing partner and hope to hear back from them soon. Keep an eye out for more announcements as Edgar continues to stretch his tentacles in the coming months!

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