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Add UTM Parameters to your Edgar Links

What are UTM parameters and how do I use them with Edgar?

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What is a UTM parameter?

UTM parameters are tags that are added to the end of your links to help you track performance in a tool like Google Analytics.

They look like this:

See everything after the question mark? Those are the UTM parameters.  Not familiar with UTMs? You can find out more about how these work here: Google Analytics Help

Turn UTM Parameters On or Off

Edgar's UTM parameters are set to on by default.  That means that Edgar will add UTM parameters to the end of your links if you're using Rebrandly as your link shortener or if you do not shorten your links.  Edgar's UTMs do not work if you are using Bitly to shorten your links.

If you'd like to turn UTMs off, go to the Settings page and click change next to UTM Parameters.

The following UTM tags will be added to your links: 

  • Campaign name: meetedgar

  • Campaign source:

  • Campaign medium: social

Note that at this time, these tags cannot be changed or customized.

What if I already use other UTM tags in my links?

If Edgar sees that you've added a link to your post that already has other UTM tags on it, he won't add the Edgar tags to the link.

So, for example, if you added a link like this:

Then Edgar won't add any additional Edgar UTM tags to the link to avoid any "tracking collisions" or confusion in your Google Analytics.

What if I add short links to Edgar that have UTM tags on them?

If you add UTM tags to your links and then shorten them outside of Edgar before pasting them in your Edgar posts, you should turn Edgar's UTM feature off on the Settings page to avoid "tracking collisions" or confusion in your Google Analytics.

For example, if you have a link like this:

And you shorten it with an outside shortening service so that it looks something like this:

And then you paste that short link into your Edgar posts, you should turn UTM parameters off on the Settings page first. Otherwise, Edgar will automatically add his own UTMs to the end of your short link, which will cause confusion in your Google Analytics.

View Your Results in Google Analytics

To see how your links are doing, visit your Google Analytics account. 

  • Click Acquisition at the left

  • Then click Campaigns

  • Then go to All Campaigns.

You'll see a list of all of the campaigns you've been tracking.  You can search your campaigns for meetedgar to view all clicks from your Edgar UTM tags.

Please note that there is a delay between when someone clicks on a link and when that data shows up in Google Analytics.  If your clicks aren't showing up in Analytics yet, check back tomorrow.

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