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Edgar's categories are what sets him apart. They keep your content organized and make it easy for you to schedule the right type of content at the right time, without having to schedule each post by hand. 

You can create new categories, edit existing categories, add categories into the 'Random' posting rotation, or shuffle a category's content.

Learn more about categories below:

Default Categories

When you join Edgar, we provide you with a few default categories to get you started. Learn more about the default category options here: Categories Quick Start Guide.

Add New Category

Click the “Add New Category” button to create a new category. 

The more specific your categories, the more control you have over what types of updates get published at which times.

Delete Category

Go to your Categories page and click on the 'X' button on the category you want to delete.

Cuation: Deleting a category will also delete any posts in that category in your library as well as remove all of the time slots for that category from your schedule. This cannot be undone, so be extra careful!

The General category is the only category that can't be deleted.

Edit Category

On the categories page, click on the pencil icon on the top of the category you'd like to edit. The only category that cannot be edited is the General category.

Enter a new name and save it as well as check or uncheck the box that includes the category in Random time slots


By default, Edgar publishes content in a last in, first out order so that your newest and freshest content always gets published first.  However, if you decide you don't want this order, click the Shuffle button on any category on the Categories page.  

Clicking Shuffle will mix up the content in that category into a new, random order for publishing.  Learn more about Shuffle.

Random Timeslots

Time slots in your schedule can be set to 'Random', which means that time slot will pick content randomly from your Edgar Library. 

You can exclude certain categories from showing up in timeslots that are set to Random. For example, you may not want a Thanksgiving category to be published in April by your random time slots.  

To exclude an entire category from being queued for Random time slots, edit the category on the Categories page then uncheck the box next to "Included when selecting random content to post."  Click Save.

More Category Resources: 

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