Deleting Categories

If you delete a category that has posts in it, Edgar will delete all of those posts along with the category. All time slots for that category will also be removed from your schedule.

This cannot be undone, so please be extremely careful when deleting a category!

To delete a category, go to the Categories page and click the X button on the category.

How to Stop a Category from Publishing

If you don't want to pause your entire queue using the Pause button, there are two ways to tell Edgar to stop sending posts from a single category.

First, you can remove the time slots for that category from your schedule. When you're ready to start publishing from that category again, add the time slots back in.

Or, if you don't want to edit the schedule to remove the time slots for this category, use our Bulk Edit feature to move the posts to a holding category:

  1. Add a new category on the Categories page called Holding (or whatever else you'd like to name it).  IMPORTANT: Be sure to uncheck the box that includes this category in random before you save it.

  2. Go to Bulk Edit. Use the Category drop down filter at the left to choose the category the content is currently located in. If you do not use this filter, your changes will affect your entire library. Be sure to filter to just one category!

  3. Once you have filtered to the category where the content is currently located, select all of the content in that category with the check boxes and choose Edit Category from the Actions drop down menu.

  4. Select your holding category and click Apply.

  5. When you're ready to publish this content again, repeat steps 2-4 above to move the posts from the Holding category back to the original category.

What does it mean to include a category in random?

When you create or edit a category on the Categories page, you will see a check box that includes the category when selecting random content. 

This option refers to Random time slots on your Edgar Schedule.  If a category is included in random, then Random time slots will be allowed to pull posts from that category to publish for those time slots.  If a category is excluded from random by unchecking that box, then Random time slots are not allowed to access that category's posts.

Why would I want to exclude a category from random?

Not all content is suitable for publishing at random times.  If you have seasonal or event specific categories that you don't want to be published at random throughout the year, uncheck this box to exclude the category from random.


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