Each Edgar subscription level includes a limit to the total number of social accounts you can add to one Edgar account. On the Eddie plan, you may connect up to 5 social accounts. On the Edgar plan, you may connect up to 25 social accounts. Each profile, page, or group counts as one connection.

Adding additional social accounts to your subscription limit

If you want to increase the limit of your subscription's social accounts, you will need to first access the Account details page. First, click on the Settings button on the left hand navigation bar. Then, click on the Account details card. Scroll down until you see the Subscription section. There, you can click the + Social Accounts button to add additional social accounts above your subscription limit.

These additional accounts will be added right away. The first charge will occur immediately. After that, the extra fee for your additional social accounts will be included in your future subscription invoices.

Need more help?

Feel free to reach out to Team Edgar by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right hand corner.

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