LinkedIn recently updated their admin roles. To connect Edgar and LinkedIn, you'll need to make sure you're not just a Content Admin, but a Super Admin.

To connect a LinkedIn Company Page to Edgar, your personal LinkedIn profile must be an admin for that Company Page. 

Click the LinkedIn Company button on the Accounts page in Edgar. When prompted by LinkedIn, enter the login information for the LinkedIn profile that is an admin of the page(s) you'd like to add.

When Edgar displays the list of your available pages, click on the page or pages you'd like to add to select them, and then click Add Selected Companies at the bottom.

If Edgar is unable to find your page, first make sure that your personal LinkedIn profile is a Content Admin or Super Admin for that page by visiting the page's settings on LinkedIn. If your profile is only an Analyst for the page, Edgar will not be able to connect it. Once you've made sure your profile is an admin for the page, follow the steps below:

Reset your LinkedIn connection

  1. Go to LinkedIn and make sure you're logged into the profile that is an admin for your page(s).

  2. Go to Scroll down to the Other Applications section and click on Permitted Services.

  3. Find MeetEdgar on the list and remove it.

  4. Go back to and click the LinkedIn Company button.

  5. When you're prompted to give MeetEdgar permission, make sure you allow for Edgar to post for you and to manage your pages.

  6. Select your page from the list that Edgar displays and click Add Selected Companies at the bottom.

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