To connect a LinkedIn Company Page to Edgar, you must first connect a personal LinkedIn profile that is an admin for that Company Page. 

Once your profile is connected, click the LinkedIn Company button at the bottom of the Accounts page in Edgar and select your company page. 

If you've connected your personal profile but Edgar is unable to find your page, try to options below:

Refresh your LinkedIn Profile Connection

If you've successfully connected your LinkedIn Profile but are unable to connect your LinkedIn Company Page, refresh your LinkedIn Profile connection, making sure to give Edgar full permissions if prompted, and then click the LinkedIn Company button again.

Didn't work? Try resetting your LinkedIn connection

If you are still unable to connect your LinkedIn Company Page after a profile refresh, you may need to reset your LinkedIn connection. 

Do not delete your LinkedIn profile from Edgar. Doing so will also delete any time slots on your schedule and content associations.  Just follow the steps below to reset the connection:

  1. Go to LinkedIn and make sure you're logged into the account you're trying to connect to Edgar.
  2. Go to Click the Accounts tab, then click on Partners and Services. Choose Permitted Services.
  3. Find MeetEdgar on the list and remove it.
  4. Go back to and click on the refresh icon for your LinkedIn profile.
  5. When you're prompted to give MeetEdgar permission, make sure you allow for Edgar to post to your profile and to manage your pages
  6. Click the LinkedIn Company button on the Accounts page again to see a list of your pages.

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