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Reauthorizing your Edgar and LinkedIn connection
Reauthorizing your Edgar and LinkedIn connection

How to completely reset your Edgar and LinkedIn authorization

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On some occasions, a simple refresh of your Edgar and LinkedIn account will not work. In those cases, you may need to completely reauthorize Edgar from within LinkedIn.
​For example, you'll now need to make sure you're a Super Admin and not just a Content Admin to be able to post to LinkedIn.

Reauthorizing your Edgar and LinkedIn connection

  1. Go to LinkedIn and make sure you're logged into the profile that is an admin for your page(s).

  2. Go to Scroll down to the Other Applications section and click on Permitted Services.

  3. Find MeetEdgar on the list and remove it.

  4. Go back to and click the LinkedIn Company button.

  5. When you're prompted to give MeetEdgar permission, make sure you allow for Edgar to post for you and to manage your pages.

  6. Select your page from the list that Edgar displays and click Add Selected Companies at the bottom.

Need more help?

Feel free to reach out to Team Edgar by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right hand corner.

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