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Switch from Edgar Lite to Edgar, Upgrade to annual billing

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To change your plan or to upgrade to annual billing, go to the Settings page.

Click the Change Subscription button in the Subscription section:

Select the plan you'd like and the payment frequency you'd prefer:

If you are currently on a free trial, your account will not be charged until the trial ends, even if you upgrade to a higher plan.

If you are already on a paid plan, your account will be upgraded immediately and the card on file will be charged a prorated amount for any time remaining on your current plan. 

You can find your billing date, payment information, and printable invoices under the Next Payment section of the Settings page. 

*Need to switch from annual billing to monthly billing? Send us a message using the message bubble at the bottom right of any page.

*NOTE: MeetEdgar bills in USD. For foreign transactions, the currency conversion will happen after the charge and will be performed by your credit card provider.

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