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How does a random time slot work? Random posting using random time slots

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Adding a Random time slot to your schedule means that Edgar will mix up all of the posts in your Library into a random order.  So, Random time slots will publish a variety of posts from your various categories, with no preference for one category over another.

Exclude Categories from Random

If you don't want a category to be included in Random time slots, you can exclude it on the Categories page.  

For example, it's a good idea to exclude seasonal or event-specific categories from Random to prevent that content from being randomly posted at an inappropriate time of year.  

Click the pencil icon on the category you'd like to exclude to edit it. Uncheck the box that includes the category in random and save it. Random time slots will no longer be allowed to use the posts in that category.

Using Random and Category Specific Time Slots Together

Mix category-specific time slots and Random time slots to create a varied schedule that will keep your posts rotating uniquely and engage your audience.

For example, you can make sure your blog posts are being published when your posts tend to get the most engagement by scheduling a My Blog Posts time slot for that time of day.  Then add in a Random time slot to help you mix things up and get more eyes on different types of content.

**Note: Occasionally, Random time slots and category-specific time slots may post the same content within close proximity.  Both Random and that specific category may happen to be on the same post near the same time in their posting rotation.  The more content you have, the less likely this is to occur.

Skipping a Random Time Slot

If you skip a post in the Queue that was scheduled by a Random time slot, Edgar will skip over that post and move on to the next post in his Random posting order.  This means the skipped post will not be published by a Random time slot again until Edgar has published everything else in your Library.

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