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Import Content to your Edgar Library with Zapier

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Zapier is an automation tool that connects to thousands of apps so they can communicate and transfer data.

Zapier can help build your Edgar Library by grabbing content from around the web, including X, Pocket, Feedly, and more.  Check out our short video on creating a zap below:

Check out Zapier's article about Edgar's import integrations here: MeetEdgar and Zapier.

Import More Content with Zapier and Pocket

Connect Edgar to Zapier:

  1. Go to your Edgar account settings.

  2. Copy your API key.

  3. Add your API key into Zapier.

Add new tagged Pocket items to your Edgar library:

  1. Create a new Zap in Zapier or use this template: Pocket to Edgar.

  2. Connect your Pocket account.

  3. Connect your Edgar account.

  4. Use a pocket tag, such as 'edgar', for your trigger.

  5. Customize how you want to import this content into your Edgar Library

6. Send a test to Edgar.

7. Look in your Library. There, you should see your new content!

8. Whenever you tag an item in Pocket with the tag in your Zap, it will be added to Edgar

More Zapier Integrations

Turn off a Zap

If you need to stop a zap that is importing content to Edgar, go to https://zapier.com, click on the Zaps panel, then click the carrot next to the zap you'd like to delete. At the end of the drop down menu, there should be a "delete" button.

*Zapier templates for this integration support only text. Because Pinterest and Instagram require attached media, they cannot be connected to your content in Zapier at this time.

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