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Learn how Edgar's Queue works and see what posts he plans to publish for you

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Edgar's Queue is where you'll see what Edgar intends to publish to your social networks in the coming weeks.

Queue Overview

Edgar's Queue displays posts that he intends to publish for you based on your weekly recurring schedule and any posts you scheduled manually for the next two weeks.  And he updates your Queue every day.  So today, he'll show you two weeks worth of posts from today, and tomorrow he'll show you two weeks worth of posts from tomorrow, and so on.

Edgar automatically repopulates your queue by pulling posts from your Library. After he has published every posts in a certain category, he will start recycling posts that have already been posted (except where prohibited by X ).

Edgar publishes content in a last in, first out order by default.  So, your freshest content gets published first before any older content is recycled.  Learn more about changing this order here: Skip and Shuffle Post Order.

If a post is showing up in your queue multiple times, you may consider adding more posts to that category or changing your schedule to post from that category less frequently. Learn more about posting schedules

If you've uploaded content and set a Schedule but your Queue is still empty, follow the instructions here: How to Fix an Empty Queue.

Edit and Skip Posts

Clicking the pencil icon on a post in the Queue will allow you to edit it. Any changes you make to a post from the Queue will also be reflected in the Library for future use of that post.

When you click the Skip button, Edgar will skip over the current post and replace it with the next post in that category, moving all other posts in the category up one time slot.

Pause the Queue

Clicking the Pause Queue button at the top right of the Queue will stop Edgar from publishing any posts. To resume publishing, un-pause the Queue.

To prevent a specific update from posting at a given time without pausing the entire queue, you can do one of the following:

  • Click the Skip button on the post.  Edgar will replace that post with another post from that category.

  • Delete the time slot for that post from your Schedule.  Learn more about posting schedules


The queue filters at the left side of the page allow you to see what Edgar plans to publish for specific categories, accounts, networks, and more. These filters can be combined and you can also search using the search bar at the top of the page to locate specific posts.

Edgar's Mobile Queue on iOS or Android

The Edgar for Instagram mobile iOS or Android app will provide you with a view of your Queue. You can skip posts as well as filter the queue to view one or more accounts.

For Instagram posts, Edgar will send you a push notification on your iOS or Android device when it's time to publish a post.  Open the MeetEdgar for Instagram mobile app and follow the prompts to publish to Instagram.

To add or edit content, make changes to your schedule, or refresh your social media accounts, please visit app.meetedgar.com on your desktop or mobile browser.  These changes cannot be made within the mobile app at this time.

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