When you should post on social media depends on when your audience is online and when your posts tend to get the most engagement.  Check out our resources on creating a schedule that's best for YOU:


Find the Best Times to Post on Social Media for YOUR Audience

Your posting schedule should be unique to you based on when your audience is online, when you see the most engagement from your audience, and the type of content you're posting. Check out these resources to see how you can use your Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics to create your ideal schedule!

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That was a lot of information, right?  We know.  Don't worry!  The best part about Edgar is that he'll take care of the posting for you.  So, you'll have more time to tweak and optimize your schedule.  Even we regularly take a look at our analytics and tweak our Edgar schedule to get the best engagement from our audience. 

To get you started, here is a look at a few example schedules:

Super Simple Schedule

Who this schedule is good for: A new Edgar user who doesn't have a ton of content or categories loaded but wants to start publishing.

This user has one or two time slots per day, utilizing the Random option to pull content at random from all of their categories.

Intermediate Schedule

Who this schedule is good for: An Edgar user who has filled his/her library with a variety of content in the default categories.

Using Edgar's default categories is a great starting point. As you continue to build your library, create and schedule your own custom categories to give you more control.

Advanced Schedule

Who this schedule is good for: A MeetEdgar user who has created custom categories AND is using information from Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights to inform them of the best times each day to reach their followers.

Take a behind the scenes look at the heart of Edgar's own schedule.  This is an excerpt of the evening portion of the schedule we use in our own Edgar account for our own social media marketing.

We've used our Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights to analyze when our audience is most likely to be online and engage with our posts for each of our social networks.  And we've created a schedule that rotates content from our custom categories, default categories, and random so that users who check social media at the same time each day will get a variety of content from us.

Plus, we regularly revisit our analytics to see if our audience's habits have changed and tweak our schedule accordingly.  We also add and remove seasonal and event specific categories as the year progresses.  So while we have a good baseline for our schedule, we're always improving it...and we have time to do that because Edgar does all the posting for us!

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