By default, Edgar posts content in a last in, first out order.  Your freshest content is published first before any older content.  But, there are a couple ways to mix things up.

Skip a Post

Click the Skip button at the top right of a post in the Queue. Edgar will skip over that post and replace it with the next post in the category, moving all other queued posts for that category up one time slot as well. 

Note: If a post has an X button instead of a Skip button, that means the post was scheduled for a specific date and time when you created it.  Clicking the X will remove the scheduled time and put the post back into the regular posting rotation for that category.

Shuffle Your Categories

Every category has a shuffle button on the Categories page. Click it to randomize the updates in that category and rebuild your queue. 

Check out the Queue to see the shuffled order of posts. Don’t like how they look? Head back to Categories and shuffle again.

Your Library will always display your updates in the order they were entered, so it's easy for you to see what's been added most recently. You’ll only see the new shuffled order when you view your Queue.

Un-shuffle your Categories

To un-shuffle a category so it will post in the default last in, first out order again, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Bulk Edit.
  2. On the left-hand side of the page, use the Category drop down menu to choose the category you want to un-shuffle. 
  3. Click the checkbox under 'Update?' on the top row to select all posts in the category. 
  4. On the top row, click the social media icons to un-associate all accounts from this content. 
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and click Update Selected.
  6. Now, click the Update checkbox on the top row again. Then click the social media icons to re-associate your accounts with your content. 
  7. Scroll down and click update again. 

Because you removed the account associations and then reconnected them, Edgar will recognize this content as new and it will return to the default last in, first out posting order.

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