Current MeetEdgar customers and those with inactive accounts can access billing information from the Settings page after logging into the app.

Printable Invoices

On the Settings page, click Printable Invoices to view your invoices.

On the Printable Invoices page, you'll be able to see payment history as well as the status of a payment.

For all paid invoices, you'll be able to click on the date to view a printable copy.

If a coupon is applied to an invoice, it will appear in the Coupon column.

Billing Status

  • Blank Space: Pending/Future scheduled charge 

  • Paid: Paid in full 

  • Processing: The first attempt to charge the card on file has failed, and Edgar will retry in a day or so 

  • Failed: Edgar was unable to process this payment and no further attempts will be made

Email Receipts

After a successful charge, Edgar automatically sends you an email receipt with the subject line [MeetEdgar] Payment Processed - Thank You.

The receipt displays the plan you're currently subscribed to, the charge amount, and the last four digits of the card charged.

**NOTE: MeetEdgar bills in USD. For foreign transactions, the currency conversion will happen after the charge and will be performed by your credit card provider.

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