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Expiration Dates, Limited Run Events, and Seasonal Content
Expiration Dates, Limited Run Events, and Seasonal Content

Expiring Content, Seasonal Content, How to set an expiration date

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How to Expire a Post

Edgar is designed to recycle your content** so that more and more of your audience sees it, driving more traffic to your site. We do not recommend setting all of your content to expire.  Evergreen posts should not have an expiration date.

However, if you do have time sensitive content (such as current event news, a specific event you're promoting, etc.), set an expiration date on your posts, and Edgar will stop publishing them at the time you choose.

To add an expiration date, click Advanced Settings. Check the box next to "Expire content at a specific time and date" and choose a time and date in the future for your post to expire.

Posts with an expiration date will be available for posting by the Queue until that date has passed.  Once content has expired, it will no longer be published and it will be grayed out in the Library.

To reactivate an expired post, edit the post to change or remove the expiration date.**

**My post says it's only expired for X. What does that mean?

Limited Events or Seasonal Content

If you have specific events or seasonal posts that are only relevant at certain times of year, follow the steps below so Edgar won't publish that content when it's not relevant:

  1. Create a new category for the posts (i.e., Spring or Thanksgiving, etc.) and uncheck the box that includes the category in random. Save the category.

  2. Add your seasonal posts to the category.

  3. Place the category on your schedule when you’d like Edgar to start posting them.

  4. Remove the category from the schedule when the season or event ends.

  5. And when that season rolls around again next year, repeat steps 3 and 4!

Edgar won't publish these posts after the category is removed from the schedule, but you’ll still have the posts in your library for reuse on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest when the same season/event/promotion becomes relevant again. 

Previously published posts will only not be recycled for X if you choose to use the category again in the future.  New variations will be required to post the content to X .

Check out our short webinar series on this topic: 

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