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Queue Best Practices: How to Strike the Perfect Balance with Your Social Media Posts
Queue Best Practices: How to Strike the Perfect Balance with Your Social Media Posts

Make sure your posts aren't repeating too frequently

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Learn more about social media automation and finding the right balance for your social posts: 

Authentic Social Media Automation

Edgar is all for automating your social media marketing...obviously.  But, setting it on autopilot and never coming back to the controls can definitely lead to a crash and burn type situation.

So, what does Edgar mean by social media automation?  It's using a tool like him to take care of the mundane, regular tasks of actually publishing your posts, deciding what to post when, and storing your posts so that you can focus on creating amazing content and engaging with your followers in real time.

The better posts you write, the more your followers will engage with them.  And the more you take the time to respond to them, the better your numbers will be.  

So, just because you've got Edgar all up and running, don't let your audience fall through the cracks.  Create posts they'll love and be sure to take a moment to respond to them personally.  They've taken time out of their day to reach out to you by interacting with something you published.  Return the favor!

Here are some additional resources that can help you create an authentic social media presence while automating to save you time:


X prohibits repeating posts as well as crossposting the same post to multiple accounts.  Each post to X must be unique.  Once content has been published to X, it will be retired for X.  However, it will still recycle for the other networks.

Learn more about using evergreen content with X here: X and Variations.

The 24 Hour Rule

Most of the time, recycling posts is a great thing to do.  Not everyone sees a post the first time you publish it.  Recycling evergreen posts makes sure more of your audience sees them.  But, publishing identical posts to Facebook and LinkedIn within 24 hours is really frowned upon by the social networks and can annoy your followers.

If your queue is showing the same content over and over again more frequently than you'd like, add more posts to that category or reduce the number of time slots on the schedule for that category.  

How often your posts recycle depends on how many posts are in a category and how often the category appears on the schedule.  For example, if you have 10 posts in a category and that category appears on your schedule 5 times, those posts will recycle every 2 weeks...because 5x2=10. :)  So, to prevent frequent repeats, either add more posts to the category, or reduce the number of times the category appears on the schedule.

Variety Is Key

We can't stress enough how much we advise posting a variety of content to your social media accounts.  While marketing your content may be your main priority, mixing things up with other types of posts can help boost engagement from your followers, encouraging more shares that get you in front of new eyes and keep your social media accounts fresh and interesting.

Here at Edgar we publish a wide variety of our own content, questions, quotes, other people's content, tips, and occasionally random pictures of adorable octopuses.  Check out our strategy for making social variety easy in our free course, Strategic Social Planning.

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