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I can't add content to Edgar with the Chrome extension (blank box), My bookmarklet won't stay logged in

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Blank Box in Chrome

When you click the Edgar icon to access the Edgar Chrome extension, do you see a blank white box like this?

This means you need to enable cookies! To do this, click the button that looks like three lines in the upper right corner of the Chrome window and choose Settings:

Click Content settings.

Click Allow local data to be set (recommended). If you really want to keep cookies off, click Manage Exceptions and set up an exception for and set it to Allow.

Restart Chrome, click on Edgar's icon to launch the extension and you should be all set!

Bookmarklet Asks to Log In

Does the bookmarklet keep asking you to log into your Edgar account in Safari? Even though you're already logged in?

Make sure your privacy settings in Safari are not set to prevent cross-site tracking:

  1. Click the Safari menu at the top left and choose Preferences.

  2. In the Preferences window, click on Privacy.

  3. Make sure "Prevent cross-site tracking" is unchecked.

Turning off this settings will allow the bookmarklet to remain logged in so you can add content to Edgar from any website.

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