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Protect Yourself from Hiring Scams
Protect Yourself from Hiring Scams

Is Edgar hiring? Did you receive a job offer from someone claiming to be affiliated with Edgar?

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In June of 2019, the team at MeetEdgar became aware of illegitimate third-party attempts to post fraudulent job listings, interview prospective candidates via Google Hangouts, and extend job offers using fake documentation.

Unless a job is explicitly listed at, we are not hiring for any roles.

Please note that all correspondence regarding employment will come from MeetEdgar team members using their “” email addresses. We will never contact you from a personal, or free domain (like

Here's some information about similar scams: --

What we know:

The fraudulent names associated with this scam have been James Moore, David Walters, Davies Walker, and Jackson Greg. These are not MeetEdgar employees or associates.

Impersonators have also claimed to be representing current team members, Chris Williams and Tyra Pirbhai. These offers are not coming from Team Edgar.

If you think you’ve been targeted:

We’re sorry. Our team works hard to make the internet a better place. Incidents like this do the opposite.

Please email us at [email protected] with any information about the location of the job listing. We’ll follow up quickly to remove any and all listings.

If you live in the United States, please file a complaint with the internet claim center: 

If you're in Canada, we recommend you file a complaint with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre instead: 

You can also report any malicious gmail email addresses here:

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