How to Fix an Empty Queue

What should I do if I have time slots on my schedule and posts in my library, but my Queue is still empty?

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If you have posts in your Library and time slots on your Schedule, but your Queue is empty, double check the following:

  1. Your posts are not connected to your social media accounts:  Do the posts in your library say "No Account" and have a yellow flag on them?  If so, you'll need to edit your posts and select your social media accounts.  This will authorize Edgar to publish your posts to the selected accounts.

  2. The categories in your schedule don't have posts in the library yet: Double check that the categories on your schedule have posts in them in your Library and that the posts are connected to your social accounts. If you want to move content from one category to another, use Bulk Edit.

Still not sure why your Queue is empty? Message us using the message icon at the bottom right of any page.  We'll be happy to take a look!

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