You can now attach different images, videos, or link previews to each individual variation of your Edgar content!

Previously, attached media (like a link preview or an uploaded image) was applied to ALL variations of a post. So, even if your post had 10 variations, all 10 of those variations would have the same attached image(s).

But now, you can choose your attachment type for each individual variation! Attach a link preview to variation 1, a video to variation 2, an image to variation 3, multiple images to variation 4, go text only for variation 5...whatever you want!

With media variations, you can now create maximum variety for your content, which helps boost your engagement. A follower who wasn't tempted to click on that link preview, might be tempted to click after watching your video or checking out your image carousel on another variation.

By creating a wide variety of both text and media attachments for your posts, you ensure that the maximum number of your followers will be engaged by your content! So, go check out media variations on the Add New Content page, today!

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