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How to work with teams in Edgar

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Inviting and Adding Team Members

Want your team members to participate in the magic that Edgar whips up on a regular basis? It's easy to invite a collaborator! Just follow these steps:

  1. First, click your name in the upper left of the page to access a drop down menu,

    where you'll select Settings.

  2. Find the Team section right between the Profile and Payment section on your Settings page. Up to 20 collaborators can be added to your account. Click the Invite Team Member button to get started adding your first or additional team member(s).

  3. Enter in your collaborator's email address in the box and select Send Invite to send an email with instructions on how to get on board. Team members will be able to access all features fully (except the billing portion of your account - that's for your eyes only).

    Receiving an error message like this one?

    Please note that collaborators can only be added who do not already have an Edgar account associated with their email address. Pro tip: they're welcome to create or use a different email just for their collaborator account.

  4. Your team members will receive this email invitation. Please have them click the link to accept:

  5. This will take them to a page where they'll add new account info/credentials. Once they do so, they'll have access to Edgar and all its charms.

  6. Voila! You have added a team member. Let the octopus magic begin!

Removing and Deleting a Team Member

Do you need to remove a collaborator? This is simple to do - just click the red trash can icon to the right of the email address in the Teams section of your Settings page.

All content will be transferred over to you, the owner of the account.

Click the red button to confirm you'd like to move forward with deletion:

Your collaborator will get an email notification alerting them of the cancellation:

Please note a collaborator is unable to remove themselves from your account.

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