Great news! 🎉 You are now able to reply to your Facebook comments within MeetEdgar! That's right, every Facebook post published by MeetEdgar will now appear in our new Inbox feature, where you can check and reply to your new comments. See how it works:

Which Plans Support The Inbox Feature

The feature is only available with our Edgar Standard Plan. If you are already on that plan, click here to access the Inbox feature. If you are on the Eddie Lite plan and want to upgrade to Edgar, you can do so by going to your Account Settings.

How To Integrate My FB Account To The Inbox

If this is your first time using the Inbox Feature, you will need to refresh your Facebook account in order to integrate with your Inbox. Go to your Accounts, click on the Facebook refresh button and you are all set. You won't need to do this procedure again, this is only needed when you are integrating the Inbox for the first time.

How It Works

Every Facebook post published by MeetEdgar will appear in your Inbox. Note that posts that you publish directly with Facebook or using another social media scheduling platform won't appear on the Edgar Inbox Feature.

On your Inbox, select a social media profile and Edgar will show your posts with the newest comments on them. Click Reply to reply to the comments within Edgar. At the moment, you won't be able to like the comments but we hope to make this feature available soon.

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