What is Edgar's Inbox Feature?

Comment on posts and respond to DMs with MeetEdgar's Inbox Feature

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Edgar's inbox feature allows you to easily stay engaged with your followers by giving you a way to quickly respond to messages and comments.

Which plans support the Inbox feature?

Only Edgar Plan subscribers have the ability to comment on posts and respond to DMs with MeetEdgar's Inbox Feature. If you need to upgrade, you can do so in your Account Settings.

How Do I Connect My FB and IG Accounts to Edgar's Inbox?

If you're using the Inbox Feature for the first time, you'll need to refresh your Facebook account so it can work with your Inbox. Go to your Accounts and click the "Refresh" button on your personal Facebook profile.

You won't have to go through this process again; you only have to do it the first time you use the Inbox. If your IG account is already connected to Edgar, refreshing your Facebook should refresh your Instagram account as well.

How does Edgar's Inbox feature work?

Every Facebook and Instagram post that MeetEdgar shares will show up in your Inbox. Note that Edgar Inbox won't show posts that you publish on your own or through another social media scheduling platform. Choose a social media profile from your Inbox, and Edgar will show your posts with the most recent comments. You can also decide whether to look at Comments or Direct Messages. Click Reply to reply to the comments/DMs in Edgar. You won't be able to like comments right now, but we hope to add this feature soon.

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