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We've released a new UI to improve your Schedule and Time-slots experience. As well as that, we've also launched some new cool features to our Schedule. Learn more below!

Old UI

New UI

What has changed?

  • Non-recurring Time-Slots

    Choose between Repeats Weekly or Does not repeat for your time-slots. Before, with the older schedule, every time-slot was defaulted to repeat weekly but now you have the option to create a one-off time-slot.

  • Individual Weekly View

    Instead of having a Sunday to Saturday view that repeats every week, we now have an individual weekly view showing the exact dates for that week. It's easier to schedule your Individual posts and non-recurring time-slots this way! You can always skip the weekly view to see how your schedule for a specific week looks. You can only view the next 14 days of schedules.

  • Individual Posts within your Schedule.

    When creating a new time-slot, select Individual Post for a single content time-slot. Edgar will ask you to select a Category then choose your desired post from that Category.

    Similar to when you schedule Categories, you can choose if you want a recurring time-slot for that post or not. If you want that individual post to be published every week at that same time and day, select Repeats Weekly. If you prefer that to be a one-off time-slot, select Does not repeat.

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