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How to publish posts to Instagram with Edgar's Mobile App
How to publish posts to Instagram with Edgar's Mobile App

Publish IG stories and to your IG Personal account after receiving a push notification

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The MeetEdgar mobile app will send you push notifications on your iOS or Android device when it's time to publish your IG stories or your Instagram Personal account


Why do I need the Mobile App to publish to Instagram?

Instagram only allows direct publishing with a scheduling tool if you have an Instagram Business account. You will be able to post single media or multi-media posts (carousels) to your IG account as long as you have a Business profile.

If you have a personal IG profile or you are trying to publish IG stories to your Business account, you will then need the mobile app to assist with publishing.

What are the steps to publish with my Meet Edgar's mobile app?

First you will need to download the app, log in to your Edgar account and make sure you enable all notifications. Push notifications must be enabled so Edgar can tell you when it's time to publish your Instagram posts.

Now, on the app, follow these steps:

1. Click on the push notification you received or open the MeetEdgar mobile app to view your post. Then tap Open Instagram.

2. Confirm you're logged into your Instagram app under the correct account. To switch accounts, tap "See account you're logged into" first. Otherwise, tap "Yes, I'm sure" to continue.

3. In Instagram, select if you want to publish a Story or to your Feed. Edgar will save your image(s) to your phone and copy your text too. Paste your caption text into the caption field.

If your Instagram post contains more than one image, select the multiple image option in Instagram first. Then select your additional images in the order you'd like them to appear in your post.

Missed a notification? No worries! Even if you can't respond to a notification right away, Edgar will display the 5 most recently missed notifications in the MeetEdgar mobile app for you. If you'd like to publish a post from a missed notification, open the MeetEdgar app and tap on the post you'd like to publish.

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