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Scheduling your TikToks with MeetEdgar
Scheduling your TikToks with MeetEdgar

Use Edgar as a TikTok planner to schedule and publish content to your TikTok after receiving a push notification

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Edgar can connect to personal TikTok accounts. After you create and schedule your content to publish on TikTok using Edgar, the TikTok mobile app will send you a push notification on your iOS or Android device when it's time to publish your content.

Connect to a TikTok Account

Follow these steps to connect your TikTok account to Edgar:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the TikTok account you want to add to Edgar. Please note that only personal TikTok accounts can currently connect to Edgar.

  2. Go to the Accounts page in Edgar, and click on the TikTok button.

  3. When asked, click the 'Authorize' button in TikTok to authorize the connection to Edgar.

  4. Your TikTok account should now be connected. You can now create and schedule content for TikTok, and publish it using the mobile reminder feature of Edgar's Mobile app.


Scheduling content to a TikTok Account

First, create your TikTok content and schedule it with Edgar. When the time comes to publish your content, follow these steps on your mobile device:

  1. Click on the push notification you received or open the TikTok mobile app.

  2. In your TikTok Inbox, you should see a notification from the TikTok Platform that says "Your video from Edgar is ready".

  3. Click the notification to begin editing and publishing your video to TikTok.

Add whatever captions, effects, or anything else you need to make your TikTok content shine!

Why do I need to use TikTok's mobile App to publish content?

Edgar cannot publish to TikTok directly. Publishing to TikTok requires the use of the TikTok app's push notification feature. You will need to add your post text manually in the TikTok app after receiving the push notification.



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