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See how your posts will look on the social networks, Learn more about link previews

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When adding or editing your posts, click the eye icon on any variation to view a preview of what that post will look like on the social networks.

Use the drop down menu to preview how the post will look for different account types.

Edgar's previews are an approximation of what the social networks will display. Each social network will check your links and generate their own preview when your post is published.  Make sure your website's meta tags are formatted for the best link previews on Facebook and that you have added X Cards to your website.

Due to experiments or other changes that may occur on the social networks, previews are not 100% guaranteed. Emojis, text size, and truncation of longer blocks of text may appear differently on the networks themselves.

You can preview exactly what Facebook will display at any time by clicking the link to their link sharing tool for your Edgar posts:

Is a firewall blocking the link previews from showing up in Edgar? Follow the instructions in this article: Firewall Blocking Edgar


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