Located on the Feeds page, the Pending RSS Queue is where MeetEdgar will send content imported from your RSS feeds to await your approval. When you add an RSS feed to the RSS Feed Manager, you have the option of selecting "Pending Content Queue" before you save the feed.

Checking this box will tell MeetEdgar to send the posts imported from your RSS feed to the RSS Pending Queue. You will be able to review the posts and approve, reject, or edit them from the pending queue before they are added to the Library. Posts in the pending queue will not be published to your social media accounts until they are approved.

When you have RSS posts that need approval, you will see an alert in your account:

Clicking Feeds will take you to the Pending RSS Queue where you'll be able to accept or reject your pending posts. If you reject a post, MeetEdgar will keep it in your rejected list and will not import that post from your feed in the future. Accepted posts will be sent to your Library and placed in the category you selected for the feed.

You can also edit posts from the Pending RSS Queue before you approve them to add a Facebook message, upload an image, or customize the Facebook preview. More information on editing post before you approve them can be found here: Edit Before Approval

Manage, Approve, and Reject all in one place:

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