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Link Shortening, Click Tracking, and Variation Performance
Link Shortening, Click Tracking, and Variation Performance

Can Edgar Shorten Links and Track Clicks? Can I A/B test or Split Test with Variations?

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Edgar has several link shortening options, and can track your clicks for you. 

To change to a different shortening option, go to the Settings page and click Change next to Link Shortener:

Link shortening can be turned off for any individual post under that post's Advanced settings: Click Tracking and Variation Performance

Rebrandly allows you to create your own custom domain to shorten your links. If you connect your Rebrandly account to Edgar, he'll shorten your links using your chosen domain.

Once links are published to your social networks, click tracking information will be available on the main History Page as well as the individual history page for each post.  Just locate the post in the Library and click the History button.**

Variation Performance

Click data for each variation of your post is displayed on the individual history page for each post.  Similar to a split test or A/B test you might run in your email marketing campaigns, you can see which variations are performing best and which ones you might want to edit or remove. shortening

Connect your existing account on the Link Shortening Options page in Edgar.  All links that you add to Edgar will be shortened using   

To view click statistics for links, please go to and view them in your account. shortening has a browser extension that integrates with Edgar. Learn more about installing on your browser here:

Please note that click tracking is not available in Edgar for links.

**Click tracking is not available for Instagram posts because Instagram does not allow links to be clicked in their posts.

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