View a history of posts Edgar has published for you on the History Page.  Or view the individual content performance for each post, which also includes click information if you use or Rebrandly for your URL shortener.

The Post History Page

The History page displays a list of posts Edgar has published that you can sort with the filters at the left.

Click on the link under the timestamp of a post to see the post on the social network. Or click on the "View performance history" link next to the text of a post to be taken to that post's individual content performance page in Edgar.

Weekly Performance Report Archive

Under the filters on the left side of the History page is an archive of your past weekly performance reports.  These reports are sent to you via email each week.  To view a past report, locate the date of the report and click on it.

Content Performance for Individual Posts

To see the individual content performance page of a post:

  1. Click the "View performance history" link on the post in the History page, as shown above.
  2. Or, locate the post in your Library and click the History button.

The Content Performance page will show the date an update was added to your library and a list of times it's recently been published. If you use or Rebrandly for your URL shortener, you can also see click data for the post.

Note: Click data is imported once each night.  So, if you're clicks haven't shown up in Edgar just yet, check back tomorrow morning. :)

Why don't my Instagram posts have a link to them?

Edgar's History page will show Instagram posts for the times they were scheduled, but they will not contain a permalink to the post on Instagram.*

That's because you publish your Instagram posts live when Edgar sends the push notification to your iOS device.  No permalink is created at that time and Edgar is not able to grab one from Instagram.

To view your Instagram posts, please visit your Instagram profile on Instagram.

*At this time, Edgar supports Instagram posting via reminder notifications. Direct publishing is not available through Edgar's app.

Direct posting to Instagram is only available for select Instagram partners at this time.  Edgar is not one of these partners just yet, but we have applied and hope to be approved soon!

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