Edgar has several link shortening options, some of which can also track link clicks. 

You can see your Link Shortening Settings by visiting the Settings page in Edgar.  To change to a different shortening option, click Change:

Ed.gr and Click Tracking

Ed.gr is Edgar's free link shortening service. No setup is required, and it is activated when you sign up for Edgar. Links you add to Edgar will be automatically shortened to ed.gr links. 

Once ed.gr links are published to your social networks, click tracking information will be available on the History page for each post.  Just locate the post in the Library and click the History button.**

A graph of click data for the past 30 days will be available on the post's history page:

Rebrandly and Click Tracking

Rebrandly allows you to create your own custom domain to shorten your links.  If you connect your Rebrandly account to Edgar, he'll shorten your links using your chosen domain.  Much like ed.gr, click tracking will be available on the individual history page for your posts in Edgar.**

Bit.ly shortening

You can connect your existing bit.ly account on the Link Shortening Options page in Edgar.  All links that you add to Edgar will be shortened using bit.ly.   

To view click statistics for bit.ly links, please go to Bitly.com and view them in your bit.ly account.

Snip.ly shortening

Snip.ly has a browser extension you can integrate with Edgar. You can learn more about installing Snip.ly on your browser and integrating with Edgar here: https://sniply.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/214638963

Please note that click tracking is not available in Edgar for snip.ly links.

**Click tracking is available for Twitter and Facebook only at this time.

Edgar is not able to track clicks on links sent to LinkedIn or Instagram.  And links sent to Instagram will not be clickable.  Instagram does not allow clickable links in their post captions.

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