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Which social media networks does Edgar work with?

Edgar can be connected with the following social network accounts:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Pages
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • LinkedIn Company Pages

How many social accounts can I connect to Edgar?

Edgar's Monthly and Annual plans allow for an unlimited library and up to 25 social profiles.  A profile, page, or group each count as one social media account. For example, you could connect:

25 Twitter profiles
15 Facebook groups and 10 Facebook Pages
5 Twitter profiles, 10 Facebook pages, 5 Facebook groups, and 5 LinkedIn profiles
5 Facebook groups, 10 Facebook pages, 4 Twitter profiles, 1 LinkedIn profile, 5 LinkedIn company pages

How do I delete an account from Edgar?

Deleting an account from Edgar is never necessary unless you are 100% sure you no longer want to use that account with Edgar.  Deleting an account will also delete the account's schedule and content associations.  And deleting a personal profile will also delete any child pages or groups.  Please do not delete an account unless you are sure you no longer want to use it with Edgar. If you need to refresh a social account because it has become disconnected, see Refresh Your Social Accounts.

To delete an account from Edgar, go to the Accounts page and click the red X button on the account you'd like to remove.

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