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Which social media networks does Edgar work with?

Edgar can be connected with the following social network accounts:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Profiles
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • LinkedIn Company Pages

*Note: to add a Facebook page or group or a LinkedIn Company Page, you must first connect a personal profile that is an admin for the page or group.

How many social accounts can I connect to Edgar?

Edgar's Monthly and Annual plans allow for an unlimited library and up to 25 social profiles.  A profile, page, or group each count as one social media account. For example, you could connect:
25 Twitter profiles
15 Facebook profiles and 10 Facebook Pages
5 Twitter profiles, 10 Facebook pages, 5 Facebook profiles, and 5 LinkedIn profiles
5 Facebook profiles, 10 Facebook groups, 4 Twitter profiles, 1 LinkedIn profile, 5 LinkedIn company pages

How do I delete an account from Edgar?

Deleting an account from Edgar is never necessary unless you are 100% sure you no longer want to use that account with Edgar.  Deleting an account will also delete the account's schedule and content associations.  And deleting a personal profile will also delete any child pages or groups.  

To delete an account from Edgar, go to the Accounts page and click the red X button on the account you'd like to remove.  The video below shows how to delete an account:

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