Edgar needs the right permissions in order to publish to your social accounts.  See what permissions Edgar needs for each network below:

Already connected an account, but it needs to be refreshed or isn't posting?  Go here:


To add a Facebook page or group, your personal Facebook profile must be an admin for that page or group and he will need the following permissions:

  1. Permission to post for you
  2. Permission to manage your pages and groups
  3. App visibility set to Public
  4. Visit each group you'd like to connect to Edgar and add the Meet Edgar App

Once these are set, Edgar will display a list of all your pages and groups.  Just select the pages and groups you'd like to connect and click Add Selected at the bottom of the page.  For a full walkthrough of connecting a Facebook account to Edgar, check out this page: Facebook & Edgar.


To grant permissions for a Twitter account, click the Twitter button on the Accounts page, enter the login information for the account you want to connect, and click "Authorize App".  

A full walkthrough of connecting Twitter to Edgar is available here: Twitter & Edgar.


For LinkedIn profiles, click the LinkedIn button on the Accounts page and enter your login information to authorize Edgar to access your profile. 

For LinkedIn Company pages, you must first connect a personal profile that is an admin for the page.  Then click the LinkedIn Company button on the Accounts page to select your LinkedIn Company Page(s).  

A full walkthrough of connecting Edgar to LinkedIn Profiles and Pages is available here: LinkedIn & Edgar.


Instagram Business Profiles

Facebook manages Instagram business profiles through a linked Facebook page.  So, to connect a business profile to Edgar, you will authorize it through your Facebook account.  Edgar will need permission to post for you and to manage your pages to access your Instagram Business Account.

Instagram Personal Profiles

To connect a personal Instagram profile, enter the login information for that profile when prompted by Instagram.

A full walkthrough of connect Edgar to Instagram profiles is available here: Connecting Instagram Accounts to Edgar.

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