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RSS Import Resources: Real Estate Feeds
RSS Import Resources: Real Estate Feeds

Add the latest posts from a variety of real estate blogs to your Edgar Library

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Looking to use Edgar as a Facebook lead generation machine

We always recommend publishing a variety of content, since your followers may get overwhelmed if you're publishing listings day-by-day. Establish yourself as a thought leader who stays on the pulse your industry. Adding a variety of content related to real estate will help build trust in your expertise. 

One way to bring variety into your Edgar Library is through Edgar's Feeds import feature. Once a day, Edgar will check these feeds for new content and bring them directly into your Library or into your Pending Content, depending on how you set up the feed.

This page includes some real estate feeds that you can add into your Edgar account. They include the most recent posts from each site. 

To add these feeds, copy the link below the feed's title and head to the Import page. Paste the link into the 'Connect RSS Feed' card and press enter. After that you can set up how you want the links from that feed delivered into your Library! Check out this article for more information: Feeds Overview.

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