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Why is there a separate Facebook text box on some posts?

Facebook's terms and conditions prohibit auto-populating the text of a post that will be published to Facebook, which means Edgar can't send automatically imported text to Facebook. 

So, any post that is imported from RSS, created using the bookmarklet or Chrome extension, or added with the suggested-variations feature must have a separate message entered manually for Facebook.

You can create unique text for Facebook or you can copy and paste the suggested text from the text box above. It's up to you!

If no content is added to the Facebook text box, then only the Facebook link preview or attached media will publish to Facebook.

How do I add images or videos to posts imported from RSS?

To add an image or video to posts imported from an RSS feed, edit the post and use the image or video upload buttons to add your media.  Then save the post.

  • If the post was imported directly to your Library from your RSS feed, go to the Library, locate the post, and click the edit button on the post.

  • If your post was imported to Pending, click the edit button on the post in the Pending Post tab.

How do I import more content from my WordPress Blog RSS feed?

By default, WordPress blogs are set to show just the latest 10-20 blog posts in the generated RSS Feed. You can adjust this to a higher (or lower) number by following these steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard, and under Settings in the menu pane, click on Reading.

  2. Next to "Syndication feeds show the most recent," change the value to the number of recent posts you want visible in your RSS feed.

  3. Save your changes.

Note: We don't recommend maintaining a high number of syndication feeds. After importing a larger number of posts into Edgar, you should go back into your Wordpress settings and reduce the number to the default.

How do I import my BlogSpot RSS feed instead of the comments feed?

If your blog is hosted on BlogSpot, the comments feed rather than the actual post feed may be imported. 

In order to get the correct feed, you'll need to add feeds/posts/default?alt=rss to the end of your url when importing to MeetEdgar.

For example: if your blog spot url is then enter into the Connect a Blog box in the Import page.

Why can't I connect an RSS feed to Instagram or Pinterest?

Edgar's RSS feed integration imports the link and title of posts from your feeds.  But, Instagram and Pinterest require that an image or video be attached to every post.  So, Edgar can't automatically associate your RSS content with your Instagram or Pinterest account.

To send posts imported from RSS to Instagram or Pinterest, edit the post to attach an image or video.


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