Getting great engagement on social media is largely about the quality of your content.  Plus up your content with link previews, images, and videos:

Format Your Website for the Best Social Shares

Whether you're sharing your latest blog or one of your followers is giving it a shout out, you want every share to be visually appealing and have the best chance of being reshared.  To do that, it's crucial that you format your website's meta data for optimal social shares on Facebook and Twitter.  That way, no matter where or how your posts get shared, they'll always look great!

Dealing with meta tags may sound intimidating, but it's really pretty simple.  And most of the time, you can use a plugin to do this automatically.  So, once you set up the plugin, you don't have to worry about it again.

Learn how to format your meta tags for Facebook Link Previews here: Make Engaging Posts on Facebook with Facebook Link Previews

Learn how to add Twitter Cards to your website here: Make Engaging Posts with Twitter Cards

Add Images to Your Posts

To upload an image to your Edgar posts, click the camera button on the Add New Content page.

You can upload any valid GIF, PNG, or JPEG to Edgar (but keep in mind that GIF files will post as static images on Facebook and LinkedIn). The maximum file size is 3MB.  

Can I add more than one image to a post?

Yes! You can upload a maximum of 4 images for Twitter, 20 images for Facebook, or 10 images for Instagram.  Edgar does not post multiple images to LinkedIn. 

All images added to a post will be published with every variation of that post.  Images apply to the entire post rather than to individual variations at this time.

For Instagram, you will choose the order of the images when you receive the push notification at the time of the post.

For more platform-specific guidelines, please see the following:

How to Properly Size Your Images for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Add Videos to Your Posts

Edgar publishes videos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

To add a video, click the video button on the Add New Content page and choose your video from your computer:

Only one video may be uploaded to a post at this time and will be published for all variations of that post.

Video Specifications

Maximum file size: 512MB
Supported File Types: MPEG-4 (a .mp4 or .m4v file)
Resolution: 1280x1024 max dimensions, 32x32 min dimensions
Max Length: 2 min 20 sec maximum duration

Maximum File Size: 512MB
Supported File Types: MPEG-4 or Quicktime (a .mp4, .m4v or .mov file)
Resolution: 1280x1024 max dimensions, 32x32 min dimensions
Max Length: no maximum duration

Maxiumum File Size: 512MB
Supported File Types: MP4 and MOV file extensions
Max Length: 60 sec

Edgar cannot post video to LinkedIn at this time, but it's on our roadmap for future improvements!

*Note: You may upload a maximum of 500GB worth of videos to your Edgar account at this time.

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