Why do my Pinterest posts expire?

And when will my Pinterest posts reactivate?

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Pinterest’s terms of service state that you may create a Pin and then re-save that Pin an additional four times per month. A “Pin” or “save” is considered any post using the same image or video. For example, a particular image or video may be published a maximum of five times per month (one initial Pin and four saves), regardless of whether you change the text or link accompanying that image or video. The image or video itself is considered the Pin.

To comply with these rules, Edgar does two things:

  1. When creating a post for Pinterest, you are required to attach a unique image or video to each variation. This helps create more variety for each of your Pinterest posts to keep them publishing longer since changing the text attached to an image does not count as a new Pin on Pinterest.

  2. Each variation on a post will publish to Pinterest a maximum of 5 times per calendar month, at which time the variation will expire. Whether a variation hits that 5 post limit will depend entirely on how much Pinterest content you have in your library and how often you are publishing to Pinterest with your schedule.

When will expired Pinterest content reactivate?

If a post is expired for Pinterest, it will remain in your library and will be reactivated on the first day of the following month. For example, if a variation is published to Pinterest five times in March, it will expire after the fifth post and will reactivate on April 1st when it can be published a maximum of five times in April.

All expired Pinterest content will automatically reactivate on the 1st of each month unless you use Edgar’s expiration date function to expire the post permanently or select the Use Once option.

Pinterest content that is automatically unexpired will be added to the queue in the regular rotation order (last in first out) for that category. Content that is reactivated will not be given posting priority. When the content will publish after it is reactivated will depend on how much Pinterest content is in your library, where Edgar is in the posting rotation for each category, and how often you are publishing to Pinterest on your schedule. To see what content will be published, please visit the Queue.

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