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Connecting Facebook Groups to Edgar
Connecting Facebook Groups to Edgar

How to grant Edgar permission to post to your Facebook group

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  • Starting April 22, 2024, it will not be possible to add the MeetEdgar app to your Facebook Group.

  • Existing connections with Facebook Groups will cease to function on April 22, 2024.

For Edgar to publish to a Facebook group, Facebook requires that you go to the group on Facebook and add the Edgar app to it.  And your personal profile must be an admin for the group.

All posts to Facebook groups will be published as your personal profile.  Edgar is not able to post to a group as a Facebook page at this time.

Looking for how to connect Facebook pages? Go here: Connecting Facebook Pages to Edgar.

Adding Edgar to a Facebook Group

For Edgar to publish to your Facebook group, your personal Facebook profile must be an admin of the group, and Edgar must be added to your group's apps on Facebook. Follow these steps: 

1. On Facebook, log in to your FB account admin of the Group.
2. On MeetEdgar, go to Settings > Social Media Accounts and click Add FB Group/Page.
2. If you haven't already done it, link Edgar to your FB personal profile.

3. Find your desired group and click on Enable Group. Edgar will redirect you to FB and your group.

4. On the Group Settings page scroll down to Apps and click Add Apps.

5. Search the MeetEdgar App and add it to your Group

6. Go back to MeetEdgar and refresh the Account page.
7. Select the now enabled groups and make sure they are highlighted green.
8. Click Connect Selected at the bottom.

My Facebook Group Keeps Disconnecting

If you've received an error that a post failed to your Facebook group, follow the steps below to make sure Edgar has the correct permissions for the group.  

  1. Go to your group on Facebook. Beneath the header image, click on the button that says "..." and then in the dropdown, click on Group Settings.

  2. On the Group Settings page scroll down to Apps and click Add Apps.

  3. Find the MeetEdgar app and click Add then Done.

  4. Go back to the Edgar Accounts page.  Click the refresh icon on your personal Facebook profile.


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