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Make changes to your posts' accounts or categories in bulk

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From the Library, click Bulk Edit to make changes to multiple posts.  You may:

  • Move posts to a different category

  • Add or remove social accounts from your posts

  • Change the Use Once setting of your posts

  • Delete multiple posts--Be careful! We can't recover deleted posts!

Bulk Edit Filters

Both the Library and Bulk Edit contain the same filters.  If you filter your Library and then click over to Bulk Edit, your filters will be retained.  

When making bulk edits, use the filters to narrow your results to avoid making unintended changes to your entire library.

Select Your Posts

Select the posts you'd like to make changes to by clicking the check box next to each item. Depending on how many posts are in your current filtered view, there may be more than one page of results in Bulk Edit. To select ALL posts in the current filter or to select all posts on the current page, use the drop down menu.

Be careful when making changes to large numbers of posts. Deleted posts cannot be recovered and we cannot undo bulk edits.

Choose Your Bulk Action

With Bulk Edit, you may move posts to a different category, change the Use Once setting of your posts, add or remove social accounts from posts, or delete posts--Be careful! We can't recover deleted posts!

After selecting your posts, choose what bulk action you'd like to take from the drop down menu:

After choosing your action, follow the additional prompts to complete the action. At this time, Pinterest accounts cannot be added or removed from posts using Bulk Edit. To add or remove Pinterest accounts from your posts, edit each post individually in the Library.

What if I get errors?

Some posts may not be eligible for certain bulk actions due to network permissions or requirements, which may result in an error notification once the bulk edit finishes running. If an error occurs, Edgar will notify you on the post that could not be edited:

You may then edit that post individually in your Library to make any changes you'd like. Changes to all other posts were saved, even if some posts received an error. Only the posts that display an error were affected.

Common errors include:

  • Instagram could not be added to a post because there is no media attached to the post or to a variation of a post.

  • An account could not be added to a post because the post contains an @tag specific to a network that is not compatible with the account you selected.

  • A X account could not be added to a post because that post already has a different X account attached. X allows only one account per post.

Delete Posts in Bulk

**Please be very careful when bulk deleting posts.  This action cannot be undone!**

To delete more than one post at a time, select the posts you'd like to remove then choose Delete in the Actions drop down menu. 

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