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Facebook FAQs

Pages, Reach, Preview Cropping, and "Published by MeetEdgar" tags, Facebook Text Box

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What Facebook pages can I post to with Edgar?

Edgar can post to Facebook pages where your personal profile is an admin.

  • Starting April 22, 2024, it will not be possible to add the MeetEdgar app to your Facebook Group.

  • Existing connections with Facebook Groups will cease to function on April 22, 2024.

Will my fans see that my Facebook page updates were Posted by MeetEdgar?

For Facebook pages, "Posted by MeetEdgar" is only visible to page admins and editors. Followers of a Facebook page will NOT see this tag.

Facebook requires the "Published by MeetEdgar" tag for any post sent to a Facebook group . Edgar is not allowed to remove the tag from these posts and all group members will see it.

(Existing connections with Facebook Groups will cease to function on April 22, 2024)

Facebook Links

We do not recommend sharing direct links to Facebook events, Facebook videos or other Facebook posts with Edgar. Facebook does not support sharing of their own links through third party apps.

How can I improve my Facebook reach?

Worried about your organic reach on Facebook? Please check out these articles for more information about Facebook's ever-changing algorithm, how it affects you, and how you can stay ahead of the game!

We also have a free webinar on creating Facebook content:

Why do my Facebook preview images look cropped?

The recommended image size to use for Facebook link previews is 1200 x 630, which will create a full size link preview. Images larger or smaller than this, may be cropped by Facebook to fit in the link preview box.

If an image is smaller than 600 x 315 it will create the small thumbnail link preview instead of the full preview.ย 

See Facebook's official Best Practices for Sharing guide for details.

Images in Facebook previews will always have an aspect ratio of 1.91:1--so they'll look like this:

*Note: Facebook has an 8MB file size limit for images in previews. If an image on your website is over 8MB, Edgar will not be able to include it in the Facebook preview.

The Facebook Text box on posts imported from RSS or Bookmarklet and Suggested Variations

Facebook's terms and conditions prohibit auto-populating the text of a post that will be published to Facebook from a website or other imported option.ย 

Any post that is imported from RSS, created using the bookmarklet or Chrome extension, or added using the suggested variations feature must have separate text entered manually for Facebook.

You can enter unique text for Facebook or you can copy/paste the suggested text. It's entirely up to you!

If no content is added to the Facebook text box, then only the Facebook link preview or attached media will publish to Facebook.

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