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Methods of adding posts, Image or meme only posts, Scheduling unpublished blog posts

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Methods of Adding Content

  1. Import posts from Feeds

  2. Add posts from any website with Edgar's Bookmarklet and Browser Extension

  3. Upload a spreadsheet of posts with Bulk Import

  4. Import posts with Zapier

Image or Meme Only Posts

Post image or meme only posts by selecting your image from your computer and saving your post.

Check out our guide to image size optimization here: How to Properly Size Your Images for Facebook, X, and LinkedIn

Scheduling Unpublished Blog Posts

You've written a new blog post and scheduled it on your blog, but it's not live yet. To add this post to Edgar:

  1. Grab the permalink for the blog post from your blog.

  2. On the Add New Content page, enter your post text and link and select your category and accounts as usual.

  3. Click the Schedule button and choose Schedule Send and Save.

  4. Set the date and time to a time after the post will be live on your website.

  5. Save your post.

Edgar will hold the post until the date and time you specified.  Then he'll publish it and put it back into the regular rotation for that category in the future.**

The Preview tab will not show a preview for this post because the link isn't live yet.  But, the social networks will check the link and generate a preview at the time the post is published.

**Posts are not recycled for X to comply with their rules

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